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Risk is the project manager's unavoidable partner. In addition to living with risk, a project manager – and project personnel – must be able to work successfully with contracting managers, purchasing professionals, and subcontractors to accomplish key objectives. More and more in today’s environment, contemporary project management requires project personnel to have a working knowledge of the management of risk and the ins and outs of contract and procurement management in order to control and direct the project to success. MOR course provides the essentials of risk management and contract/procurement management as they apply to modern project management.

The purpose of MOR course is to provide the basics of risk and contract/procurement management in all environments. Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

• recognize acceptable levels of risk

• Assess the probable impact of risk factors

• Manage project risk using established processes

• Identify contract components

• Understand the process of project contracting

• Explain the elements of a good risk management plan

• Utilize the cause-risk-effect method for identifying risks

• Use a probability-impact risk rating matrix

• Use risk response tools

• Explain how to use risk analysis techniques to find out project contingencies

How often are your projects impacted by an unanticipated event? Do you find yourself constantly "putting out fires" on your projects? Take this course and develop your ability to identify and manage the opportunities and threats on your projects. Become proactive rather than reactive by learning a successful risk management process, including most excellent practices for risk identification, risk analysis, and risk response planning.

MOR course will cover the elements of a successful risk management plan. Effective methods for identifying risks will be discussed, qualitative risk analysis tools and techniques will be offered, and successful planning methods for responding to potential risk events will be reviewed. Application of risk management to project budgets, schedules, and contracting strategies will be described using definite examples. MOR course will be extremely interactive, with exercises and sample problems to allow attendees to practice the tools and techniques presented during the course. Attend this course and become a capable manager of risks on your projects.

This practical course emphasizes the ground rules of effective risk management.

This course mixes instruction, dialog, and real-world examples and exercises drawn from the experience of the knowledge academy instructors

MOR course should be attended by practicing project managers and team members, functional managers, owners, contractors, and other personnel involved in implementation and control of projects

In addition to providing quality, industry-aligned project management and business analysis training without geographic limitations, individuals in the knowledge academy will have the extra value of learning from the real work experiences of their classmates and instructors.

All of its instructors have many years of extensive, hands-on project experience and bring a broad range of expertise and real world knowledge to the classroom. The knowledge academy instructors put principles into practice by building break-out sessions, streaming videos, and pertinent group exercises into every course.

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