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When you want to start your career in the networking world then the best way to do it is to get a Cisco certification. You have the basic or the entry level Cisco certification like the CCNA or Cisco certified network associate certification for the people who want the basic overview of the Cisco products. This Cisco course will provide you with the knowledge of installation, configuration and troubleshooting the small to mid-size network enterprises which have nodes below 100. You will also get the knowledge of working with Cisco products like the routers and switches where you will be required to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot them. You will be getting opportunities to work with big names in the industry but the position will be very basic and in order to grow you have to take the advanced level Cisco training.

CCNA certification which is considered to be the pre-requisite for the advanced level certification is itself very important because it will provide you with a strong base of Cisco course knowledge. It is very important that you have your basics sorted out before going for the advanced level of Cisco course as the advanced level of certification involves a lot of complex scenarios and the trainers will make you understand those with the terminologies taking into account that you have proper basic knowledge. The CCNP or the Cisco certified network professional includes the same process of installing, configuring and also troubleshooting but this time it is done for the mid- size to large size network enterprise.

The Knowledge Academy is the perfect place for you if you want to take the training for all the three levels starting from the CCNA certification to the CCNP certification and the highest level of Cisco certification that is the CCIE certification. You can choose which Cisco training you want in order to complete your certification. There is varied range starting from the routing and switching, voice, wireless, network security, design, service provider and storage networking. When you have the best trainers helping you with the training then you can expect to get the best and up to date knowledge of the subject matter. The four level of certification that is the entry level, associate level, professional level and the expert level where CCIE is considered the highest certification that you can get from the Cisco group.

If you want to make a career in Cisco networking then having the certification is a must and you won’t be able to grow in the organization without going through the Cisco training. Experts emphasizes on classroom training compared to that of the online training or self study because in the classroom training you will get hands on experience to work with the router and switches making you an expert even before you land yourself a job in the organization. The certifications are in huge demand in the industry so after completing the certification you will be able to get a job right away and you don’t need to wait for long for starting your career and with the advanced level certification you will be able to move on the next position.

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