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MySQL database certification starts with the associate level which provides you with the basic knowledge of the database and also you will be made aware of the SQL. This is important for the individual who wants to work with the database then MySQL training will be the perfect choice for them. The MySQL certification exam is for 90 minutes to attempt 50 questions and you have to achieve a minimum of 60% marks to clear the exam. The MySQL course will help you in developing and managing the MySQL applications effectively. The benefit of the MySQL is that with its help you will be able to work with the critical applications and services round the clock almost without any downtime.

Starting from the developer to database administrator anybody and everybody who is interested in getting knowledge about the database can go through the MySQL training. The MySQL course is designed to provide you with the knowledge of installing and starting the MySQL database and also the core understanding of the MySQL server technologies. Developing the basic understanding of the relational database is very important as you will be working with it so knowing the details about the technology will surely help. The associate level of MySQL certification will provide you with the knowledge of the basic installation, navigation through the data file locations, navigating through system, usage of the various performance management and administration tools, client server configuration and different other topics.

If you want to know what is the high availability then it is recommended that you go through the MySQL training that The Knowledge Academy provides. You can avail their online training program or the interactive classroom training program whichever suits you. When you take any formal training for the MySQL course that means you are gaining knowledge under the expert guidance and you have a better understanding of the subject than anybody else. The basic MySQL certification is also important as it will give you the understanding of the features like the database design structure and content and acquiring the ability to use the data or column types in regards to the effective database design.

Storage engine concepts, loading time zones tables, dynamic server variables, and metadata access methods, improving MySQL installation security, binary log and SQL mode are some of the interesting topics that you will be taught during the training. Gaining knowledge on these topics apart from various others will help you work with the database efficiently. Having knowledge about all the features of the MySQL database will help you in making a decision regarding whether you can call the MySQL a database management system or the relational database.

Using the MySQL client, backup recovery concept, types of backup, different backup tools, data recovery and replication knowledge will make you enriched with the knowledge of the database system and help you in improving your performance in the organization. The business also gets benefitted from the certified employees as they help in reducing the downtime by fixing the problem within no time.

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