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Crystal Reports Certification is a report that usually used as an application to boost business intelligence. These reports are used to design and generate more efficiency in the organisational functioning. These reports are designed to work with an organisation’s database and help the employees to analyze and interpret important information related to their business and functioning patterns. The main aim is to create easy and simple reports that prove to be efficient and comprehensive tools. These tools can also enable you to produce complex or specialized reports focussed on the betterment of the businesses.

Crystal Reports course administered by The Knowledge Academy Institute teaches you to create meaningful reports that are comprehensive and relevant. The course includes sample reports and sample database that improves your knowledge on SAP business. It helps you to familiarize with the basic reporting concepts and methods involved in learning and understanding Crystal Reports. These reports help the organisations or businesses to make their employees efficient enough to turn basic data and information into comprehensive reports that can be utilised for the betterment and improvement of the business standards and achievement of the goals. The Crystal Reports course helps you to define the purpose of these reports, design and format them meaningfully.

Crystal Reports certification can be achieved with the support of the training programme supported by The Knowledge Academy Institute. This institute helps you to efficiently prepare for the certification that can enable you to become a Crystal Reports professional. Usually the certification is presented or awarded at two levels, the beginner and the advanced levels of training followed by exams. The candidates are to achieve the minimum passing marks in order to be certified. For passing the beginner’s level exam the students or applicants have to score a minimum of 70 percent. The exam is 90 minutes long and it includes 45 questions. The questionnaire consists of questions related to basic formulas, and might ask the candidate to create basic reports and design specialized reports.

However, the advanced level certification involves an 80 minutes long exam and the candidates are asked to answer 40 questions. The passing score this time is 75 percent or more. The questionnaire is mainly based on planning reports, information interpretation and configuring data connections. A Crystal Reports training helps in creating certified professionals who can guarantee benefits to their employers with their knowledge and efficient technical skill. The training gives them proper knowledge and calibre in operating with Crystal Reports. The certification is helpful for the professionals like accountants, business managers, and management analysts.

The Crystal Reports training helps accountants to effortlessly generate flawless financial statements and other business reports. The mangers are benefitted as the training helps them to identify and analyze the data and reports on the functioning of the organisation and the analysts are benefitted with it as their ability to interpret data is multiplied. Every employee can actually benefit from this training that is provided by The Knowledge Academy Institute as it assists them in gathering, utilizing and applying the data or information.

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