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Published by KnowledgeAcadLT

Organizations today are seeking ways to enhance the efficiency of their software development efforts while still meeting quality objectives.

Competitive pressures and client demands continue to reduce software product release schedules, driving organizations to seek fresh novel approaches to building software. Agile software development methods are often cited as a way to increase software delivery and get more done with less. This course will train you how to avoid the common mistakes of agile adopters and answer some of the common myths and misuse.

Basics of Agile will present a roadmap for how to get started with agile along with useful advice. It will introduce you to agile software development concepts and teach you how to make them work. You will study what agile is all about, why agile works, and how to successfully plan and develop software using agile principles. A running case study allows you to apply the techniques you are learning as you go through the course. Key concepts that will be introduced and discussed include:

• Managing needs using agile

• Defining and estimating user stories

• Building a release plan

• Using Scrum-based project management

• Delivering software using extreme programming

Agile training would help the attendees:

  • Learn the basics of agile development models
  • Discover how testing is different in agile environments
  • Examine technical and team skills you require for success
  • Recognize the main agile testing challenges and how to address them
  • Explore agile software development methodologies and approaches
  • Understand differences between agile and traditional methodologies
  • Learn how agile practices and principles enhance the software development process
  • Discover the major steps required to successfully plan and implement an agile software project
  • Explore the leading agile development best practices
  • Learn the basic principles and practices of agile development
  • Learn about test-driven development and outline its benefits

Agile training course is suitable for both novice and experienced software testers. Developers expected to test within agile teams will find this course extremely useful. Test and development managers will also benefit from this course. A background of fundamental development and testing processes is helpful.

Agile Change Management Programs deliver the greatest results when changes to management and methodology are introduced as deliberate programs. You know that there is no "out-of-the -box" solution for transforming your organization into an Agile enterprise. It takes investment (in people, processes and tools), hard work, and promise to succeed.

The knowledge academy Agile Workshops series provides organizations with a complete set of training options - with o­fferings for leaders, managers, developers, analysts and testers.

The knowledge academy, Agile training course goal is to promote thinking and learning around agile methods, skills, and tools. It has captured particular learning objectives for the different agile development paths and put them on the learning roadmap.

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