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M_o_R Certification degree and Training has been designed to help professionals and organizations to place an effective framework for risk management into working. This framework helps companies to make informed decisions about the risks which are prevalent in projects and therefore, affect the working of their strategic, project as well as operational objectives in the near future.

Risk in projects, can be anything. It could be any events which can have a negative impact on the achievement of the main objectives of projects. Along with that, it can also pave way for the working of threats in projects that hamper the achievement of success for companies.

Therefore, to cater to this problem, in the year 2002, for the first time a generic framework was established so that companies can implement it for risk management in all parts of their organization. M_o_R got its second edition in the year 2007 which added some additional developments in the world of risk management for companies and professionals.

Being used and implemented both in the public as well as the private sectors since the last couple of years, M_o_R has been helping companies to implement the measures for risk management and therefore, go out treading on the path of success.

The M_o_R Framework for risk management comes out to be one of the most successful all over the world. It incorporates the working of four main steps for risk management in projects. Firstly, comes the M_o_R Principles which help professionals to develop an effective risk management policy in companies. Usually of a high level and universal application, this policy helps companies to have a better guidance criterion for having an appropriate approach towards risk management in their internal control of processes.

Secondly, comes the M_o_R approach, which can be adapted as well as adopted to suit the needs of an individual organization. These are defined within the measures of the risk management policy and thus, take into consideration the working of a process guide and strategy at the same time.

Thirdly, is the M_o_R Process which identifies, assesses, plans as well as implements the inputs, outputs, tasks as well as techniques for risk management! This ensures that the overall plan for risk management is effective in companies.

Lastly, comes the embedding as well as reviewing of the risk management. This makes sure that the strategy is able to satisfy the working of principles as well as ensures that these are being applied constantly in companies. With their application, the professionals can undergo the continuous improvement in the management of risks in companies.

M_o_R Framework thus, being generic is famous all over the world and also helps to maintain the working of projects, sans risks in companies around the world. Thus, now is the time when professionals should be going out to The Knowledge Academy to make sure that they have their M_o_R Training so that they can win their M_o_R Certification degree for risk management soon.

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