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The MSP Course has been designed to train the learner to know the entire methods and processes that leads to complete the projects in successful way. The success means that the projects are to be completed according to the rules and regulations stipulated for processing the projects. The learners are learning various technical skills and methodologies in their MSP Courses. The learners cannot come to know all of the processes in their single course duration. Hence the levels are specified from the basic level to the MSP Practitioner level to give intensive knowledge in controlling, delivering and processing of the projects. When taking up a new project, the project managers have to work on different fields. They have to assess whether they have required human resource to complete the project within the time given to them for the completion. They have to assess the skills they have to achieve the good result in completion of the project; they have to work on troubleshooting and managing risks in the project; apart from anything the project managers have to think about the cost management and the approximated estimation amount for the projects. The project managers have to possess adequate knowledge to assess all these above fields to give quality project to the clients. Hence they must get MSP Foundation level in MSP course levels to have an idea about the requirements of successful completion of the projects. The senior technical persons might be having tight schedule for their assignments and as such the project managers have to possess adequate documentarily proved certifications for their skills and capacity to take up any projects.

The designing of the project is another skill that is taught in the MSP Course classes. The project managers are able to plan as per the requirements that are needed to plan a cost efficient project and also quality projects. The working personnel who possess MSP practitioner level certification and lots of work experience can only plan and design the project to bring profit to the organization. Otherwise the human resource and time would be wasted resulting negative consequences in the project. The project managers should select any of the method that is available to join in the MSP Course and should try their level best to possess MSP Practitioner level certification as early as possible to shine in their project management field. They can avoid many losses to their companies. The technical persons can also become privileged member of the association of the certificate holders in the MSP concepts. The technical skills should have to be documented by proper MSP Training and by completing the course after winning the relevant examination against such levels. The certificate is highly valued national and international level by all of the major information technology based companies and as such the candidates can get higher salary from the organizations for their services and performances. They can make use of the identity card along with the brand logo printed on it to show to the employers and other business people for getting the contacts for their companies.

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