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When you want to implement changes in your organization alongside its business as usual then you will require the Management of Portfolios (MoP). The MoP training will be the perfect guidance for you to understand the practices, principles and techniques which can optimize the benefits of this process. The MoP training will also be helpful for the organization to make the right decisions regarding implementing the changes to the business without hampering the daily work schedule. The foundation level MoP certification will provide you with the knowledge so that you can be an informed member of a team applying the MoP guidance within the business environment which supports the Management of Portfolio.

The Practitioner level MoP certification will enable you to apply the MOP guidance within the business environment supporting the Management of Portfolio. The guidance is mainly aimed at those who are in charge of making decision for the business as they have to prioritize investment for the different projects of the organization. The MoP course can be finished in 5 days of training and you will be provided with the information about the two life cycles of portfolio management – portfolio definition and portfolio delivery. Senior business managers who are responsible for delivering changes in the organization are eligible for taking the MoP training. The training requires high level of expertise in managing the projects and programs.

The MoP course provides you the knowledge of various roles and responsibilities of different people involved in the portfolio management. The MoP course also includes what is in the portfolio and how much it will cost, what are the risk factors and most importantly what progress can be achieved through this. Management of Portfolio gives you a bird’s eye view of the various change activities helping the organization to make the right decision regarding the change which can be fruitful for the organization.

To understand the practice, to categorize, prioritize, balance and plan it you will have to take the help of the MoP certification. There are various aspects of Portfolio delivery cycle like the Management control, benefits management and financial management. It is very necessary for you to understand all these in details before you start implementing the MoP guidance in your organization. Being a part of the team applying the management of portfolio guidance will give you ample scope to understand the process and its benefits which will be helpful when you will be taking the practitioner certification exam.

Now is the time to choose the right institute for acquiring the knowledge for Management of Portfolio and who better than The Knowledge Academy to provide you the correct information regarding this! Once you have enrolled your name for the training in their institute you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can just concentrate on your studies as it will require hard work and your full attention to clear the exam and gain the certification. You can also register online for the training so that you have the opportunity to study during your leisure time.

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