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Today’s organizations all over the world rely on the organizational and operational success. This success however, can be attributed to the strong production, realization of the key goals as well as the customer satisfaction. The attainment of all the three can be tough for companies at times. But, with the implementation of the Six Sigma methodology, the professionals and project managers can come out to identify the main flaws in business and develop the same for an improved practice spinning success.

Six Sigma Certification degree was founded by Motorola in the year 1986. It is based on the statistical optimization of the project management process in companies. Some of the biggest multinationals such as Motorola and General Electric have implemented the Six Sigma framework and have attained success in their endeavours.

The Certification degree goes out to ensure the improvement in assessment process of projects, the customer services as well as the improvement of the overall effectiveness of the company’s project processes. Six Sigma’s implementation in companies is a sign for the elimination of the errors and defects from the projects and therefore, attains the quality guaranteed to the customer. This can be achieved when the process produces no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

The Six Sigma process works on three main levels in companies in order to improve the overall business process. These are namely, metrics, methodology and philosophy. Metrics fundamentally goes on to ensure the assessment of the production areas and the outputs to identify the main opportunities and eliminate the risks from the projects at the same time. The methodology goes in for the identification of the methods through which the products can be presented to the customer. With the use of the DMAIC and the DMADV process, the professionals go in for the attainment of a customer driven approach for the management of the projects in companies.

The third level, philosophy goes out to help the organizations to reduce the overall variations and thus make decisions that are mainly focused on the customers. The use of various methodologies makes sure that professionals have the capability to correct and improve upon the customer driven approach for project management. Also, sometimes in the vase of a missing process these methodologies can be applied and can greatly improve the customer satisfaction.

Companies such as Toyota have implemented the Six Sigma methodology only to witness a drastic saving increase. The framework goes in for the reduction of the costs involved in project management and save a lot of resources for the benefit of the companies.

Thus, when companies are implementing the Six Sigma approach, then now is the time for you to do the same as well. So, visit The Knowledge Academy and win your Six Sigma Training in order to come out and be acquired with the basics of the methodology and make the chances of your winning the certification degree brighter! So, come out and say yes to the Training right now!

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