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While technology has made life a lot easier for most of us, the people who are in charge of creating, maintaining, and updating these technologies are struggling under the sheer weight of the responsibility that they have to bear. With the growing number of people who have access to the latest IT services nowadays, companies are building larger information systems and devoting enormous time, money and effort into expanding their already huge IT structure. The governance of IT services gets harder as the size of the service continues to grow. Ultimately it becomes so huge that it can no longer be managed. To take control of the situation, the COBIT 5 framework has been created. It is an upgrade of the previous COBIT frameworks and does a tremendous job of managing enormous information systems and turning them into highly productive systems. IT professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of handling enterprise IT systems are lining up to get their COBIT Foundation certification.

COBIT is an extraordinary achievement and has saved companies millions upon millions in resources alone. It streamlines the process f managing enterprise IT and the scaled down techniques can be used on mid level IT structures as well. The COBIT framework works in several different ways

  • It streamlines the existing IT structure
  • It makes the overall system more productive
  • It helps increase the value of information systems and make them more reliable

COBIT training is the number one program for IT professionals who work for data centres or large IT companies. It is also preferred by professionals who want to work in these places.

COBIT 5 is the latest iteration of the popular IT governance framework by ISACA. The COBIT framework has been groundbreaking work and has completely revolutionized the way enterprise IT solutions are governed and managed. The COBIT Foundation level is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the COBIT framework and master the science of enterprise IT governance. COBIT training is essential to anyone who works with large scale information systems, and at the rate IT services are expanding today, soon there will be an immense requirement for IT professionals who have mastered the COBIT framework and are ready to tame the IT beast.

COBIT training requires that you already have an in depth understanding of the various IT services and the applicable protocols. It is not meant for complete beginners who are hoping to master the tool and enter the IT industry in style. If you are truly interested in undergoing COBIT 5 training and are eligible to take part in the course, you should do this program an establishment like The Knowledge Academy who are not only the industry leaders in providing high quality training, but they also are accredited with ISACA and therefore their program holds that much more value in the IT industry. They also have a number of international branches which are spread all across the continents, even though they are primarily based out of London.

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