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Many projects are performed by highly knowledgeable and effective people who have little or no project management training. They perform projects like process development, marketing campaign development, new product development, event planning, production and other “tasks” which are projects. Learning project management on the job is an avoidable burden in an already challenging position.

Prince2 training course provides realistic skills, concepts and principles you can take back to the job, along with insights you’ll need to adapt them to particular project environments. It describes the project management process and its advantages.

Prince2 training encourages the employment of project management vocabulary and terminology and helps recognize characteristics of a successful project and create an initial project plan. It also helps perform the chief aspects of project initiation, project control and close-out. Prince2 training also helps recognize and describe organizational change issues in implementing project management

Prince2 training helps discover the characteristics of a successful project and the factors leading to its success. It also addresses project initiating and planning issues and the main components of project monitoring and controlling, executing and closing. Prince2 training also describes the vital requirement for effective interpersonal relationships and communication. It also helps recognize and describe cultural change issues in implementing project management

The goal of the Princre2 training course is to equip you with the indispensable knowledge, skills and techniques so that managing scope becomes an ongoing process throughout the life of the project. The plan is also to turn scope management into a team game.

Prince2 training helps understand:

  • The complete spectrum of processes that persistently interact during a project life cycle and impact scope
  • The characteristics of requirements definition
  • How to activate integrated change control very early in the project life cycle
  • How to manage project scope during the execution project phase
  • How to substantiate scope and document lessons learned
  • A framework for self-assessment in the area of scope management key behaviours
  • Describe how to analyze stakeholder requirements
  • Recognize pitfalls and most excellent practices in the progressive elaboration of scope
  • Describe scope elaboration requirements within the vendor and contract management environment
  • build up a checklist for project deployment activities
  • Explain the various types of post-project evaluations, their respective challenges and some ideas for meeting those challenges

You should attend Prince2 training workshop if you manage single and/or multiple projects within your organization. Members of the Project Management Office, project and resource managers and team leaders will advantage from the program.

So you must join the knowledge academy for this exciting Prince2 training program and learn how a few basic scope management principles implemented in a straightforward and logical process can considerably improve your probability for project success.

At the knowledge academy core knowledge is presented in the self-paced segment and then reinforced within the practical context of the in-class experience.

A detailed Instructor Guide provides your trainer with in-depth support in delivering the course.

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