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Problems are bound to occur in the course of project management. However, a project at hand can only be accomplished if the perceived problems or issues related to it have been efficiently mitigated or at least have not been ignored. Many a times, the issues that disturb the course of project management get ignored unknowingly or sometimes knowingly. It is easy to put off difficult issues concerning a project. However, it becomes difficult to handle those issues at a later stage. In that case, efficiency in project management can be ensured by developing practical solutions for the perceived problems and tackling them head-on.

This solicits a project management team being engaged within an organization to have undergone a professional training program such as the PRINCE2 Training. To avail exclusive facilities pertaining to the PRINCE2 Training, it is recommended to contact The Knowledge Academy, UK. The Knowledge Academy is a global organization having a widespread training channel extending the expert-training to learners across the world. The revered institution promises detailed and practical-based study to make certain that the candidates develop the requisite skills and get certified in PRINCE2. Interestingly, The Knowledge Academy extends its training facilities at an unbeatable price in the industry.

The fundamental benefit of having the PRINCE2 methodology in place is the recognition of responsibilities within a project that together focus on what it is to deliver and weeding out everything that disturbs its course. The PRINCE2 Training helps an organization to follow a common and consistent approach to project management, give a project an organized start, middle and end and undertake regular project reviews. Most importantly, having a workforce that has undergone the PRINCE2 Training in place, an organization feasibly mitigates the problems taking root within a project whilst focusing on its viability throughout.

PRINCE2 is fundamentally a process-based approach to project management. It is extensively used worldwide in both; the public as well as the private sector. It can be tailored to meet the general and specific project management requirements of an organization of any scale and size functioning in any business sector. Factually, PRINCE2 is the successive version of PRINCE, a project management method based on PROMPT, which is a project management method, created by Simpact Systems Ltd in the year 1975.

PROMPT was adopted by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) in 1979 and was established as PRINCE (Projects in Controlled Environment) exactly after a decade. However, PRINCE was suitable only for information system projects. Therefore, it was modified to befit the requirements of all sorts of business projects and was reintroduced as PRINCE2 in 1996.

Candidates can get into the PRINCE2 Foundation Training program to initiate their study in PRINCE2. The foundation level covers the PRINCE2 basics, terminology and gives a comprehensive introduction to PRINCE2. It is also a prerequisite to the practitioner level. The PRINCE2 Practitioner Training ascertains that the candidates possess an understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology and are competent enough to implement the same within an organization. The duration of the practitioner exam is two and a half hours and minimum 55% marks are required to pass the same.

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