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Every training course calls for focus as well as immense work on part of a person. Apart from hard work one more thing is needed so as to pass the training examination. Training courses demand fast presence of mind. TOGAF training course has become quite popular among professionals seeking to become Enterprise Architecture experts. Every candidate is given a stipulated time in which he or she has to complete the exam, i.e. sixty minutes are allotted to answer forty multiple choice questions after that then ninety minutes are given to answer eight scenario questions. Once a candidate starts the exam the clock cannot be stopped mid-way.

One small tip which you should never forget is to keep a constant eye on remaining time. This is shown at top of the screen. Besides this if you are not really comfortable with English, you can go for the English as a Second Language (ESL) option so as to get some additional time in the exam i.e. 90 and 135 minutes respectively

The candidate has to clear Level 1 then only he can shift to Level 2. The Level 2 is relatively tougher than Level 1. Once a candidate clears the Level 2 he cannot go back to previous level again. In order to clear level 1 it is important to get minimum 55% score. It is very vital that you answer questions which you already know first. In case you know correct answers to 22 questions correctly, this connotes that you have already passed the examination.

After the last question the candidate can see the summary page which shows all the answers which you he or she has already given. It even tells about unanswered questions, and also the questions which the candidate has marked for review – this way one can go back to questions which he feels he might know the right answer.

Level 2 consists of eight scenarios. Candidate has to pick response he feels has most probability to be correct from the given four choices. Answers are awarded points; 5 points are for the “correct” answer, 3 for next closest, then 1 and ultimately 0. Forty is maximum number of points a candidate can score, nevertheless there is need of just 60% to pass the exam.

The candidate should read the scenario with utmost care. This way he will be able to choose the right answer and also avoid any chances of possible wrong. TOGAF training course can be joined both online or onsite. At the end of the day it all narrows down to what a particular candidate wants.

TOGAF training makes a person a competent infrastructure architecture expert. A lot of multinational firms hire expert services of TOGAF certified professionals. You can join well known training firm such as The Knowledge Academy to offer you TOGAF training. They present expert guidance and high quality study material. With this lovely course your earning potential expands in a huge way.

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