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Published by KnowledgeAcadLT

If you want your IT career to soar, then SharePoint certification will help you master the fundamentals of technology, using the learning resources provided by Microsoft in their professional Share point training.

It is recommended that to take the SharePoint course you have about four years of hands-on experience in planning and maintaining SharePoint and other core technologies upon which SharePoint depends, including Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later, Active Directory, and networking infrastructure services.

An essential part of Share point training is to find in you the ability to create websites that are people centric rather than just to be able to install SharePoint and activate the generic features. Targeted at web designers and web developers, there are several online courses available which take you through CSS, HTML, SharePoint Designer and other necessary features as the basic skill you will be acquiring is the ability to create a core SharePoint environment.

The courses can be taken through the week, on site with trainers or online too, details being available on the SharePoint site. There is adequate flexibility, allowing you to either attend classes through the week on site or online and if you miss any part, there is back up as the courses are recorded too. The classes are instructor led but student driven so if there is a need for the Mountain to come to Mohamed, the instructor could reach your organisation too, to train you and your co-workers. Whether it be branding, implementation, design or administration, the instructors allow for the flexibility to tailor make the course to meet your particular need. The innovative team of trainers can even shuffle topics around if it helps improve the SharePoint experience. As the course material is constantly evolving, up with the latest technology and advancements for not only SharePoint, but also other techniques, methods and programming languages which are integral to enhancing and improving SharePoint sites. It is after all about making your experience the best it can be and ensuring that your learning curve is enjoyable as well. The share point course material is concise and relevant and the instructions meaningful and interactive including session son problem solving and adapting the technical knowledge for projects too.

In order to get a sharepoint certification, that is to be a Microsoft Certified technology specialist (MCTS) you would need to have some hands on working knowledge of the sharepoint environment and the exam in fact measures if you have certain skills like working with sharepoint user interface, developing web parts and controls, developing business logic, working with sharepoint data and stabilizing and deploying sharepoint components. There are test centres worldwide and one just has to log on and register with the closest centre, pay the fees and pass the exam to become one of the most sought after IT professionals with a core skill which is in great demand in industries, both big and small in all parts of the world. The knowledge academy has build up many successful professionals who are serving brilliantly now.

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